’s no way around it – relationships are complex!

Just when we think we’ve got it worked out, we enter a new life stage and suddenly we are wondering what happened to the person who we thought we knew so well. Or perhaps you’re thinking of taking the next step of commitment to each other, but aren’t quite sure whether you’re ready, or if you want to at all.

At Matt Glover and Associates, we recognize that relationships come in all shapes and sizes. We also know that every relationship needs some extra support and encouragement from time to time for it to remain at its best. Unfortunately, our individualized world means we keep our relationships very private, and miss out on the support that previous generations had through their experience of extended family and village/tribal life.

Relationship counselling at MGA is individualized for your unique needs, and focuses on increasing the listening and assertiveness skills within your relationship. For relationships in conflict situations we may ask to meet with each person individually for a number of sessions before meeting together.

For couples thinking of getting married or having a commitment ceremony, MGA offers the PREPARE program to get you ready for your new adventure. For long established relationships that are seeking a ‘tune up’, the ENRICH program is for you. Both are tailored for your individual needs, run over a period of six to ten weeks, and involve an online component. A resource book is included in the fee. 

If you would like to enquire about relationship counselling or book in for PREPARE/ENRICH, send an email or call on 1300 38 50 20.