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Gender Dysphoria:
Previously known as Gender Identity Disorder. This is a medical term used at times to explain transgendered people and biological theories that result in a difference between the gender a person Identifies with and the physical sex attributes of their body.

Living your life knowing you are one gender on the inside, but another on the outside, an lead to high levels of anxiety, depression and harmful behaviours. Without help, it can lead to addictions, sabotaging relationships, missing out on employment opportunities, and isolation from friends, family and community.

As our understating of dysphoria, and gender as an area of study has increased, so to has the acceptance of transgender and gender diverse people in the community.

At MGA Counselling Services, we can help you come to terms with your gender identity, how to express it, and to find what level of transition is right for you.

For those in relationships, MGA Counselling Services has helped numerous couples navigate the transition of one partner and maintain the relationship in a new form. It’s a long and sometimes bumpy path, but it is possible if both parties are willing to try.

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Gender counselling
Gender counselling
Gender counselling