Abuse Recovery

Abuse Recovery


Abuse comes in many forms. In recent times, more types of degrading and oppressive behaviour have been identified as abuse and the perpetrators called to account. However, the survivors are still lefts to pick up the pieces of their lives with little in the way of recognition or support.

Some abuse is violent. If this is the situation you find yourself in, please take steps right away to remove yourself from the abusive environment and find safe shelter.

Other abuse, while not physical, can be just as harmful. Emotional abuse (gas lighting etc), verbal abuse, spiritual abuse, and bullying can all leave you despairing as to whether it will ever stop. It can lead to other problems such as depression or anxiety. It all becomes worse if nobody believes or acknowledges the pain you are living with every day.

At MGA Counselling Services, we believe your story. Our main priority is to ensure your safety and will work with you to ensure this happens. If you wish to report your abuse to authorities, we will support you every step of the way. 

While we can never undo the past, we can work with you towards healing and acceptance, and then on to a thriving and abundant life. The journey can be slow, but you will not walk it alone.

If you are in an abuse situation and are in urgent need of assistance, please refer to the 1800RESPECT website for up to date emergency support information.

To discuss your counselling needs in a confidential and safe environment, call Matt Glover on 1300 38 50 20 or email matt@mgacounselling.com.au.

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Abuse recovery
Abuse recovery
Abuse recovery