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Coming to terms with our sexuality can be a harrowing experience when we recognise we’re different from the majority. If we are part of a religious community, in a heterosexual relationship, or working in an environment that is openly hostile to LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) people, then the experience can be even worse.

At MGA Counselling Services we can help you gently navigate the path of coming to terms with your sexuality and explore ways in which you can comfortably express it. Known as ‘coming out’, this journey takes time and involves numerous stages – but you are always in control.

For people of Christian faith, an extra burden is often carried because of the traditional view that you can’t be gay and Christian. MGA Counselling Services can help you reconcile these two core elements of your personality, so you can live a happy and healthy life and maintain your spirituality.

Survivors of ex-gay or conversion therapy will often carry deep trauma and tremendous guilt from their experiences. Counselling can help reclaim a healthy sense of self and identity. 

Straight spouses who have discovered their partner is gay face conflicting feelings. There is concern and compassion for their loved one, but a deep sense of betrayal over a long held secret. Speaking to an experienced counsellor during this difficult time is really important.

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Sexuality counselling
sexuality counselling
Sexuality counselling