Counselling Specialties at MGA

Counselling Specialties


The counsellors at MGA Counselling Services are trained in general counselling techniques, however each has their areas of specialty that reflect their own unique training and experience. Click on each of the areas of specialty to read more before making contact to book your appointment. To discuss your counselling needs further, call Matt Glover on 1300 38 50 20, use the contact page or email

Relationship Counselling at MGA Counselling Services


Relationships can be hard work. Whether you’re in a relationship, preparing for marriage, married or in a non-traditional relationship, there’s a good chance you’ll need a tune-up at some point. Click here for more information. 


Abuse is far too prevalent in our society. While perpetrators get caught, survivors are left with little support as they put the pieces back together. Click here to find out more about abuse recovery counselling. 

Counselling for abuse at MGA Counselling Services
Counselling for Trauma at MGA Counselling Services


Traumatic events happen unexpectedly to everyone, and everyone responds differently. Sometimes we’ll be fine after a major incident, but a smaller event seems to tip us over the edge. Click here to read more about trauma counselling. 


As horrible as it is, grief is a normal human response to a loss of any type. Usually we associate grief with death, but we also grieve when a relationship ends, we move house, or simply get older. Click here for more information. 

Grief counselling at MGA Counselling Services
Anxiety counselling at MGA Counselling Services


Rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, tight chest, difficulty concentrating – these are some of the common symptoms of anxiety. We all live with a natural level of anxiety, but sometimes it gets out of hand. Click here for more information. 


Many of us will experience the symptoms of depression at some point in our lives. The looming presence of the ‘black dog’ can suck the joy out of every part of life, robbing us of the things more important. Click here for more information. 

Depression counselling at MGA Counselling Services


Despite growing acceptance in society, there will always be a high level of stress for those that recognise their sexual orientation is different from the majority. Click here for more information about counselling for diverse sexuality. 


Our understanding of what it means to be human has increased dramatically over the last 200 years. As part of that, our understanding of gender has increased to. Click here to find out more about gender identity counselling.

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Having a high sensitivity is not a defect that needs to be fixed. It can have its down sides, but when it is embraced and managed properly, being a HSP can be wonderful. Click here for sensitivity counselling. 


Being an introvert in an extroverted world can be exhausting. Rather than feel down about ‘not being like others’ counselling can help you recognise your strength as an introvert and thrive! Click here for more information. 


The creative mind is sometimes it’s own worst enemy. Matt has worked as a freelance artist for over twenty years and knows well the dark times creatives face. Click here for information about counselling for creativity. 


Counselling for spirituality explores the deeper connections of life, and the meaning, purpose and identity we derive from those connections. Click here for more information for counselling for spirituality. 

Life Direction / Life Coaching

Not all people who come to counselling have an ‘issue’. Sometimes it is simply a dissatisfaction with the way life is and a desire to make it better. Click here to see if life direction counselling might be what you’re after. 


Professional supervision is available for counsellors, psychologists, chaplains, health workers, social workers and clergy. Matt is a member of the Australian College of Supervisors. Click here for more information. 

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