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Trauma Recovery


When we experience a traumatic event of any kind, whether it be an accident, a natural disaster, unexpected bad news, or even reading about the state of the world, our bodies initiate a number of processes to protect itself and cope with the magnitude of the trauma.

While the body’s response might be natural, the trauma is not. So it takes time and effort to find our feet after a traumatic event and get back to life as we want it to be. Sometimes we can’t do that alone because our brain will simply not let us process the information from the trauma in the way that we need to. Hence the need for trauma counselling and a compassionate, well-trained person to walk with you on the path to recovery.

Matt from MGA Counselling Services has attended critical incidents, work place accidents and natural disasters to offer front line support, as well as long term counselling for people diagnosed with PTSD. He has also worked in palliative care, assisting people cope with the news of a terminal illness and the impending death of a loved one.

If you are currently experiencing a traumatic situation or are having trouble coping after a traumatic experience and need immediate support, please visit LifeLine or call 13 11 14.

To discuss your counselling needs, call Matt Glover on 1300 38 50 20 or email

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