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Regardless of what form it takes, relationships are hard work.

Whether it be a traditional marriage, a couple, a same-sex relationship, a friendship, or a relationship of some other variety, all need a tune up from time to time.

Matt is trained in the Gottman method of relationship counselling and draws on several other methods depending on the need. Generally, the first session in relationship counselling is a ‘getting to know you’ session. The next two appointments are individual sessions with each person in the relationship, before coming back together for subsequent sessions to do the work required. In between the first couple session and the two individual sessions, the Gottman Relationship Check Up online survey is taken by each person, which results in a comprehensive report that is used for the basis of moving forward together. 

For couples preparing for marriage, Matt uses the Prepare/Enrich relationship tool kit. Of course, each couple is different, but pre-marriage counselling usually takes about 6 – 7 seven sessions. It is recommended that couples complete their pre-marriage counselling as soon after the engagement as possible – even before if it suits! Like the Gottman Relationship Check up, the Prepare/Enrich online survey generates a comprehensive report for pre-marriage couples indicating their areas of strength and areas for growth. 

For non-traditional relationships, Matt provides a safe and understanding environment to help you achieve your goals and desires. 

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Counselling for relationships
Relationship Counselling
Relationship Counselling