Spirituality counselling

Spirituality and Spiritual Abuse


“I’m a spiritual person, but I’m not religious.”

This phrase is said often in the counselling rooms of MGA Counselling Services.

Spirituality is defined as the meaning, purpose and identity we gain from the deep connections we form with the things that re most important to us. The connections we form with our own sense of self; with our inner circle of people that are most important to us; with a sense or community or place; and with something that is bigger than ourselves that we might call God or the Universe.

Religion is a formal structure which, when it works as it should, nurtures those connections and gives an avenue for the healthy expression of spirituality. Religion comes in many forms and encompasses many different faith traditions. 

Unfortunately some areas of religion have become dangerous to the point of being abusive, causing internal disconnections within people, dividing families, and leaving victims to feel it is their fault.

Matt Glover, director of MGA Counselling Services, has a unique background in spirituality and has worked for years with those who are growing beyond their religious upbringing and are discovering a new sense of life in a deepening spirituality. Matt also works with survivors of spiritual abuse, assisting survivors to experience healing, wholeness, and life to the full.

To discuss your counselling needs in the area of spirituality, call Matt Glover on 1300 38 50 20 or email matt@mgacounselling.com.au.

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