is a confusing and contentious issue. Arguments have dominated the fields of religion and politics in recent times about what is right and what is good, with little regard for the people who have genuine questions or desire for help.

How do I express my sexuality? What is appropriate and what is not? What if I think I am gay? How do I come out? Can I beat my addiction to pornography? Do I tell people about my HIV status? I’m sexually active but I need to know about birth control – these are common questions that are sometimes very difficult to ask.

For transgendered and intersex people, it can be even more difficult, with very few counsellors having an appreciation for their situation.

At MGA, we are committed to providing friendly, non-judgmental and well informed therapy and support to people of all sexualities, in all types of relationships. People questioning their sexuality are also welcome to ask questions in a safe environment and become more informed. At MGA we also believe that sexuality and spirituality are both at the core of who we are and there is no need for the two to be mutually exclusive.

At MGA we can help with:

* The stages of coming out for people of diverse sexuality and gender
* Education and understanding for parents and friends of people of diverse sexuality and gender
* Discovering a spouse is gay or lesbian
* Pornography addictions in men and women
* Sex and intimacy education for secondary school students
* Dealing with homophobia and heterosexism
* Reconciling faith and sexuality

For more information on ‘The Homecoming Project’, please visit this page.