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MGA Counselling Services offers Australia’s most comprehensive professional development course on LGBTI issues and culture. Encounter the LGBTI Community is designed to equip counsellors, psychologists, teachers, nurses, parents, chaplains, socials workers to better serve their LGBTI clients.

Encounter the LGBTI Community now has it’s own website. Please visit for more information and to register for the next course. From the website:

Recent years have seen great leaps forward in our understanding of diverse sexuality and gender. However, people that identify as LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex) or who are coming to terms with a diverse sexuality or gender expression are still at more risk of poor mental health and suicide. The aim of the Encounter Series is to highlight the common issues that LGBTI people face through a combination of interactive teaching, video presentations and real life stories.

The one day Introductory Course covers the ten most common myths surrounding the LGBTI community and sets the record straight by presenting the latest research and lived experience. In the second half of the day, we look at the common issues in the LGBTI community, with a special emphasis on the ‘coming out’ journey.

The one day Advanced Course looks at working with LGBTI young people, couples, families and the elderly, as well as LGBTI spirituality. Stories, research and experience again form the basis of the day, with the flexibility to cover specific situations of sub-groups relevant to the participants needs or situation.

As well as interactive learning, on each day guest speakers from the LGBTI community will share their unique stories and take part in a Q&A session to show first hand what it is like to grow up discovering you are part of a misunderstood and often maligned minority group. Speakers are drawn from all areas of the LGBTI community and have been chosen because of their openness, honesty and compassionate approach in sharing their joys, their hurts, and the journey ahead.

More information about other professional and personal development course offered by MGA will be available in July 2018

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